Friday, June 25, 2010

Ye Olde Time Family

I know that I said I was done blogging about Florida... but that was a horrible mistake because I forgot about our olde time family portraits!

We celebrated Steve's mom's birthday while in Florida and treated her to a family picture at the wild west/saloon/civil war portrait studio. It was great! Everybody had a blast... except for Sasha, who refused to wear her hoop skirt, refused to wear a hat (you wouldn't want to cover over that awesome haircut!) and refused to smile. Although, to be fair, we were supposed to be serious in the pictures so her grim expression is on-theme.

But now when she looks at the pictures she fawns over her princess dress, so I don't think that any permanent olde-time-charm damage was done. And the boys totally rocked their cowboy outfits, except for the minor scuffle over who got the rifle and who got the shotgun, but I guess gun envy was on-theme as well.

And, yes, we all did enjoy the irony of traveling from Utah to Florida to take wild west photos.

While waiting for our photos we enjoyed some olde time go-kart races. I was a little worried about Sash and the noise of the karts (she doesn't like loud, rumbly noises) but she loved it and demanded "more more more!" when we were done our race.
Ok, now my documentation of our Florida adventures is complete :)

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