Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sestra's Room Decorating - Part 4

WARNING - the following blog post uses the color pink, a hue not often previously seen in Morningstar postings. Diligent readers of this blog may want to mentally and emotionally prepare themselves before reading further.

I think that Sestra's room may actually be done! After months of planning and days of painting, I think we've done it!

If you know, well, anything about us at all you'll know that we Morningstars seem to gravitate towards pizazz. Generally that means that if something could be done simply, we find a way to make it ten times harder and very uniquely ours. The crackle paint in our room, the mural in the boys', the rust on the living room walls - it's just how we roll.

Here's the inspiration for Sestra's room - it's a tiny little picture from a magazine that Kristen "borrowed" from her doctor's office last spring. I know, it doesn't look like much, but this is the genesis of all of our plans for Sestra's room's decor. She said that it struck her immediately as "perfectly Morningstar" and I have to agree!

And here's the finished product! Of course, it's impossible to get a good picture of, but I'll post a few angles to try and help you get the idea. I'm so happy with it! It's bright and fresh and cheery and not baby-ish but still just really fun. And, yes, we painted each one of those stupid circles on the wall. I hope that girl likes round shapes!

The rectangles next to the window are a collage frame that I got for photos from Kaz. Right now, they're just filled with scrapbooking paper that matches the room nicely. And the circles above the dresser are a cluster of mirrors that I got at Target.

Here are a few photos of the final phase of room decoration:
Gramma and Mommy hang the canopy

Time to start dotting!

The grandmothers get in on the circle action (many hands make for light(ish) work!)

The circles are done(?)

The super-cool bookshelves that Daddy mounted

We hope you like your room little one - we'll show it to you in person soon!


The Fox Den said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Tracy said...


Now come help me! That is a wonderful room that will grow with her. My girls love it. They are 12 and 8. You did a great job.

Now get that little one home!


The Stonesifers said...

It's gorgeous!!! I can't wait to meet the little lady.


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, that's AMAZING!!! You guys are really, truly creative. Do you hire out your skills, 'cause you can come decorate my house! :-)

I love it!

Lisa and Thal said...

Oh, my gosh!!! As if the super halloween costumes don't make my non-artsy self feel inferior there is now the WAY COOL girlie room! You are so much farther along then we are. I need some of that creative inspiration!!! Hope you get your LOI soon!!

Amy said...

That is darling!!! I myself would love a room like that, but I will be the first to admit that I'm a girly girl. Love it!!!

Karen said...

Very fun and original. Great job!!!!

Kim said...

Wow - what a great room! Sestra will certainly love it!


Angela said...

Wow! I love it! Great color choices - bright and happy. Reminds me, I gotta get back to Aaliya's room. We never painted the flowers on her walls. You've definitely been busy these days!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

LOVE it.. that is adorable...

Unknown said...

Wow! I love the room decorations. It is beautiful and unique and perfect for a girl of any age. Well done!

shannon said...

OK, it's decided, after Kaz, ya'll have a trip to GA planned to work on my kids' rooms. WOW, I could never have done anything like this in a million years - it's beautiful and fun and bright. I LOVE IT. It's perfect ... just like Sestra! Hugs, Shannon

Unknown said...

jamie the room is ADORABLE!! you are so very creative and i know she is going to love it!! how old is sestra? do you have a picture?

S and K said...

The room is sooo gorgeous. Hmmm, how can I decorate the motorhome like that? I LOVE the lights over the bed and the circles!


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