Sunday, November 16, 2008

Celebrating Steve's 31st

It's still two weeks before his birthday, but with Quantum of Solace opening this weekend we just had to celebrate! So Saturday night we got together with 17 of our closest friends for drinks, cake, and James Bonding in honor of Steve's 31st birthday. It was a great party, if I do say so myself, and a wonderful evening celebrating my wonderful husband.

The only note of sadness was the absence of our Xbox. It died last week and has been sent back to Microsoft for replacement. If you're keeping track, this new one will be our fifth (fifth!!!) Xbox 360. But it was probably time to have one party without Rock Band, right? Well, that's what we keep telling ourselves to dull the pain. The gifts of wine and hard liquor help, too :)


Ames said...

Happy Birtrhday Steve!!! Sounds like a fun party. I am super excited to see that movie.

Jennifer M said...

I love your whole thought process! lol!

Happy Birthday Steve! Sounds like a great time!


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