Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And the Job Search Begins

Last Tuesday I found out that my position at Move Networks will not be funded after mid-January. After the initial shock of it all, my inevitable first question was, "what in the world will this do to our adoption plans?!?" Of course, I also had to grapple with the natural, inevitable feelings of betrayal and loss, but don't worry, we Morningstars are a hardy bunch. I won't pretend to understand all of the whys behind the decision. I do know that I work in a volatile industry and that choosing a startup leaves me vulnerable to massive restructurings like this sometimes.

But let's talk silver linings, because that's much more fun than wondering why :)
  • I will still draw salary for the next couple of months and then will receive benefits beyond that. So, basically, I'm being paid to find a new position and we'll still have health insurance even if it takes me a little while to find a place to land.
  • We talked with our adoption agency and confirmed that this should not affect our adoption. We are two highly employable adults with a whole lot of love to give and this is just a fact of American life. This does not affect our ability to care for a child
  • We're coming up on Steve's busy season at work and Sundance confirmed that they would love to have him work full time when he's available
  • To be honest, the idea of having a little extra time at home with our new little one is appealing
  • Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that we are a part of something far, far greater than ourselves! If this year brings us a more Christ-like marriage, a new Morningstar, a family more assured of our place in God's purposes, and all we lose is a job, we are blessed!
I've already had some interesting conversations about new positions, and Steve and I are both feeling optimistic about the job prospects here in Utah. The boys are dead set on me working at Target because I work with computers and so I should be good at using a register. They also figured out that since most of the things that they love are at Target (Legos, gum, chocolate milk), they could use a discount to their advantage! I hate to disappoint, but I think that a desk job is in my future, boys.

As you will no doubt guess, this has been a very interesting week for us (that's my new favorite word). But we have emerged from the initial panic and gloom to believe wholeheartedly that God has far more planned for us than we could ever ask or imagine. Your prayers are hugely appreciated.

I'll leave you with my new memory verse, Micah 7:7:
But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord,
I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.


Jennifer said...

Wow. What news. I'm glad this won't affect where you are in the process (so close!). Your outlook is inspiring. And I have to say, the boys comment made me laugh. Computers to a cash register, eh? I do like their thought process though! lol. I hope you're able to find something that you enjoy at just the right timing.

Shelley said...

I am so sorry about the job loss. You are so employable plus you are an absolute delight to work with.

I do find it so interesting how the Lord works and when one door closes another one opens -- trite cliche you may say but it is so true. 2 months ago I lost my job which was pretty devasating but I am now employed with the LDS Church in the Church History Department working on a new automated library system selection and implementation -- the job could have been tailor made for me. If I hadn't of lost my job I never would have looked for this one which is a much better job and more stable with better benefits. Yes I am blessed as you and your family will be.

Love, Shelley

sandyamstar said...

Hmmm...Target does sound interesting and both of your boys seem to handle computers well!! What is Utah's rule on child labor?

Jason said...

Loser Networks...I mean, Move Networks doesn't know what they're doing, letting Jamie Rockstar Morningstar go...but at least they know how to take care of you. Night and day compared to my tech layoff experience earlier this about losers!

I'm sure you'll come out ahead.

Paul said...

Sorry to hear about that! Geeze, I am trying to find a different job right now, too. Not too many people are excited to spend thousands on bronze sculptures. You are in our prayers. Good luck!


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