Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sestra's Room Decorating - Part 2

I thought I'd post a quick "Sestra's room decorating project" update! The ceiling is painted, a new fan is installed, and the top half of the wall (the celery part) is done. Gramma is optimistic that the bottom half will be done today (Westhighland White) and then the real fun begins - assembling the room and decorating! Oh, and the bureau is primed and painted and we'll finish the antiquing tomorrow. This room is going to be ready for a little princess in no time!

Gramma puts the first coat of white on the dresser

Poppop makes the ceiling shine

Sam assembles the ceiling fan blades

Daddy installs the new fan! (You can see the white ceiling and green wall behind him)


Lily said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys! Great color choices for the room. (:

Lisa and Thal said...

Sending Happy Thoughts and prayers your way. Have a good Thanksgiving. And thanks for the well wishes!!!! Your turn next!!!!

Tracy said...

We have the same taste... Ashers room will have a green shade very similar to that. But on the bottom. Yellow on top.

Keep updating the pictures I want to see.



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