Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sestra's Room Decorating Begins

It's time to get cracking on Sestra's room!

This week Steve finished organizing the boys' room (and did a bang up job, I have to say). I'm sure that their closet and bookshelves will never look this gloriously neat again, so I'm just treasuring up these moments in my heart. I don't like the work of staying organized, but I have to admit that the end product sure looks fantastic!

And now with the boys' room done, Steve has turned his attention to Sestra's room. It's been our repository for all things, "I don't know what to do with that, just throw it somewhere!" but now it's cleaned out and the painting prep has begun! I've picked out the paint colors - Celery and West Highland White - and Gramma and Poppop are in town and ready to get down to painting!

I have to admit, it feels pretty exciting to get her room ready for her arrival. The only thing in our way is getting through the MFA and receiving our LOI - we're almost there!


The Fox Den said...

Fun! That's exciting and will make these last few weeks go so fast.

Jason Russell said...

So what are the odds that her name actually ends up being "Sestra"? I'm thinking it's gotta be 50% or better.

Butch and Tracy said...

You better get busy!!! Wish I was there to help out. Then I could have you come help me out. Asher's room is also a storage room at this time.

Have fun getting ready for your little sisiter to come home.



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