Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sestra's Room Decorating - Part 3

It's all coming together! The walls are all painted, the dresser is done, the bed is assembled, and the bookshelves are going up as I write this! It's so fun to see the room all coming together - I am so excited for this little girl to come home!

Gramma paints the bottom half of the walls and trim

Mommy and Gramma sand our little hearts out! (note the blurry hand - apparently I can sand faster than the speed of light) It is a boy's dresser no longer!

The finished product! (well, finished for now, there is more accent work to come). I love the ceiling fan, so I just had to include a picture that includes the new fan.

Another view of the dresser, bed, and walls - oh and newly cleaned carpets!

And a little dresser detail - because after all of that antiquing and sanding I had to include a detail pic!


sandyamstar said...

Sestra's room looks awesome!!! I'm glad you're putting the Grandpeople to work. :)

Karen said...

Awesome job—I have three doors that need to be hung and painted. LOL


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