Thursday, November 27, 2008

Out of the MFA - Christmas in Kaz?!?

Our dossier has emerged from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan! And here's the best news - they think that we'll be spending Christmas in Kazakhstan!!! Wahoo!

Of course, nothing's for sure until we get our LOI (Letter of Invitation), so right now WPA (our agency - World Partners Adoption) is just trying to prepare us for what they believe is most likely from their experience. But if things go like they expect, we'll be leaving for Kaz in about three weeks!

Hopefully that LOI comes soon so that we can buy plane tickets and start packing!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!! Christmas! Wow! I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face for you guys. You could be meeting 'Sestra' in less than a MONTH!!! :-)

So happy for you guys.


tiglilygirl said...

Wow- what a wonderful post to read on the Thanksgiving- I am so happy for you and your family- get ready things start moving pretty quickly now!! What a perfect christmas present!! :)

Lisa and Thal said...

What GREAT news--much congratulations!. This is a great thanksgiving for everyone!!!! Hope to see you in Kaz after the new year!!!

qmiller said...

Congratulations! Hoping things move along so quickly for you---wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas present???? :)

Angela said...

Woohoo! Wonderful news. I hope everything quickly falls into place for you. Can't wait to find out where you are going! I miss Kaz!

Mom to Izaak and Aaliya

Lori @ Five of My Own said...

I'm just catching up and saw this great post. So wonderful. What region are you going to? I hope your LOI comes soon. Lori


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