Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sleeps 6 - Cute and Organized

I am happy to announce that the girls' room now:
  1. sleeps two
  2. is cute 
  3. and is navigable without first plotting each step with great care (read: is organized)
Bring on the Travel Approval, we are ready for our gal to come home!

Here's the view from the closet, highlighting the girls' new art nook

The canopy and lights under Sasha's bunk are so dang cute!  They don't show up well in the pictures, but trust me, they're charming in person.

Sasha has been devoting hours per day to her art projects and "homework" with a gusto that we have never seen from our other kids.  So, we were excited to create an art nook in the girls room to 1) provide the girls a place to exercise their creative tendencies and 2) hopefully keep the markers and crayons confined to only one of our home's horizontal surfaces.

And Steve gets massive kudos for leading the charge on Project Girl Room Declutter.  It feels great to have their room qualify as inhabitable again and all of the credit goes to my amazing man!


The Fox Den said...

I love it and really want to know about the lights and canopy. I'll chat with you later :)

Jennifer said...

It really looks great! I want to move my two to bunkbeds sooner than later, and would love to hire you to come decorate. :-)

MissM said...

Sasha working hard on writing and drawing is so sweet. I hope she keeps up that enthusiasm as she gets older and that school doesn't ruin her interest.

Laura García said...

La habitación ha quedado preciosa.
Espero que muy pronto WanYing pueda compartirla con Sasha!!

Con cariño,


The room has been wonderful.
I hope that very soon WanYing can share it with Sasha!

With love,


Lu said...

So excited for you guys! The room looks great. Do share about the lights. Are they regular xmas lights? I can't wait for updates...



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