Friday, February 25, 2011

(Nordic) Skiing Fools

While Sam was up on the alpine hill celebrating his birthday, Sasha and I headed to the Sundance Nordic Center to get some exercise and enjoy some quality time.  It was great, and sure made me remember how much I love cross country skiing.  Granted, it's easier work when you're not towing somebody, but super-fun either way!

And, yes, I realize that I shouldn't have taken our self-portrait in the super-bright sun.  Just pretend that my eyes are smiling instead of squinty.

Here's Sasha playing peek-a-boo from the polk.  We stopped to grab some icicles for chomping on.
And then after we took the peek-a-boo shot, Sasha insisted on a "grumpy face" picture.  Welcome to my world.

Once we did our first 10K loop, we fortified ourselves with peanut butter cups and Sasha decided it was time to strap on her skis. It was the first time she's worn her XC gear and she did so well! Next season, we're going to rock the Nordic Center.

We even reserved some rentals that the Sundance Nordic Center plans to sell off at the end of the year so that Sam, Ben, and Sash will all have cross country gear. Judging by how well Sasha did on Monday, as long as the boys can keep up with their sister, we are going to have a lot of fun next year!


China Dreams said...

Looks like a great time for mother and child.


Lou Ann said...

Did you say FIRST 10K? I'm tired just reading it. Looks like fun though (as long as you're the one in the sled!)


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