Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adoption Update - Article 5 Enroute to the CCAA

We got confirmation today that our Article 5 was picked up from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou and is enroute to the CCAA (Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs)! That means that the only thing standing between us and WanYing (besides like 20 hours of travel) is our Travel Authorization!

WACAP advises that the TA usually takes 2-5 weeks to arrive, so that means it could arrive between 2/23 and 3/16, and from there all we have to do is book flights and get ourselves to China! We're definitely a-hoping and a-praying that we're on the 2 week side of the 2-5 weeks - we even heard of one family who got their TA in 2 days right before Chinese New Year, which is amazing. 2 days would be awesome, 2 weeks would still be great - I just want to see my baby in March :)

Timeline updated.


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

article 5 means two weeks until travel in my book. You packed yet???

Jennifer said...

Whoa!! Two weeks!! How wild is that?!?! (Sorry for all the exclamations, but that's how I'm feeling about this.) :-)

Congrats on the Article 5!

Shelly said...

So close! Maybe we'll pass each other in the air, us on our way home, you on your way to China!!!
We'll wave at you! :o)


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