Sunday, February 20, 2011

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Dear Similac,

I don't know how you got the word that we're welcoming a new child into our family, and I guess that adding us to your "expectant parent" marketing group was appropriate... but perhaps just a little more insight into how and who we're expecting would have saved you the price of postage (and, in turn, saved me a husband freak out!).

A paper pregnant Jamie Morningstar

P.S.  I had never really considered how creepy the name "Similac" is until this moment.  Ick.  Having nursed 2 boys for a sum total of 56 months, I feel like I'm probably more comfortable with the concept than your average Joe (Jane?) and I still feel like lactation is odd enough, let alone its simulation.

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MissM said...

Imagine my surprise about two years ago when they sent me an entire can of Similac! I still don't know how that one happened, but it was certainly frightening, which I don't think was the goal of their promotional campaign.


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