Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebrating Sam's 10th

On Monday we celebrated Sam's 10th birthday with a small but very active birthday party at Sundance! This year Sam opted to invite his friend Cody up for a day of skiing rather than having a traditional birthday party and we all had a fantastic time skiing, scarfing down pizza, and topping it all off with Sundance suckers (hands down the best lollipops in town).

We were especially blessed that Cody's whole family could join us for the day and that Daddy could get a few hours off on a very busy President's Day weekend to join us for lunch.

We were not especially blessed by the realization upon looking through our pictures that Ben is apparently unable to take a photo with his eyes facing in the same direction.

In addition to a fabulous birthday celebration, I got to witness my boys' domination of the front-side black diamond slopes at Sundance! The kids are animals.

Ben eases his way down Top Gun (he had a little fall at the top of the hill, so his form is a bit off here)

Here comes the birthday boy!


Happy 10th birthday, Sam - thanks for letting us celebrate with you on the Greatest Snow on Earth!

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