Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sam's First Decade

Sam 2004
My baby boy turned 10 yesterday!

Sam is growing up into such a stunning young man - smart, analytical, unabashedly individual, and with a wicked sense of humor... and also blooming with a care and nurture that makes a mommy's heart proud (and God's heart as well, I suspect).
Sam and Sasha 2011
He never misses a chance to tell his sis that she's looking cute today, and he even makes her breakfast when Mommy and Daddy are taking longer than usual to emerge from the warm embrace of sleep (i.e. basically every morning).

Sam continues to do well in school and on the slopes. He professes a love of math and is an expressive and avid reader. He has conquered most of the front-side black diamond runs at Sundance. And Sam still loves Legos and video games, two passions that I suspect will take another decade to dull, if they ever do.

In fact, as I write this blog post he is cloistered in the guest bedroom assembling his 1200-piece Hogwarts Castle Lego Set.  A fitting way to spend a fabulous birthday weekend!

Sam's first decade has truly been a blessed one.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for his second!


Laura García said...

El cumpleaños numero 10 es muy importante para los niños.
Estoy segura de que Sam va a seguir siendo un buen chico y que siempre va a cuidar de sus hermanos pequeños.
No imagino a nadie mejor para ser el hermano mayor de WanYing.
Su sonrisa transmite pura bondad.

Felicidades a Sam y ti por ser su mamá.

Con cariño,

I wish you a very happy birthday to Sam!

Birthday number 10 is very important for children.
I'm sure Sam will continue to be a good boy and always will take care of younger siblings.
Can not imagine anyone better to be the brother of WanYing.
His smile conveys pure goodness.

Congratulations to Sam and you for being his mother.

With love,


Lou Ann said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I'm sure the Hogwarts Castle will be amazing when you're done. Have a great weekend!!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too


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