Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday WanYing!

October 2009 - 8 months
Our littlest princess turns 2 today!

Admittedly, it's bittersweet to celebrate the child we long to hold and know that today is probably just another day at the Social Welfare Institute for her. But to us this is a very special day, and we sure do look forward to the day when we can express to her just how very special she is and celebrate her birth all together.

January 2011 - 23 months
It was difficult to decide how to celebrate WanYing's birthday. Dim Sum? Chinese New Year celebration? Cake and ice cream at home? In the end, we decided that dinner at Tucanos was befitting - after all, if you can't celebrate the birthday of the Chinese daughter you've never met by pigging out at a Brazilian grill, well, then there's no humor left in the world.

Sam loves Tucanos - he eats only the cheese balls

Ben loves Tucanos - he also eats only the cheese balls, and does so with great gusto/creepiness

Sasha loves Tucanos - and she eats everything!

Daddy eyes Sasha's plate, but Sasha's ready for him

And with a solid, "roar!" the Daddy Food Stealer is foiled.

And we rounded out the evening with ice cream and a rousing chorus of, "Happy Birthday to You" from Sasha and Mommy. The boys thought that was weird, but then again, they go to Tucanos and eat nothing but cheese balls, so what do they know?


Diane Owen said...

I have a rcipe for those cheese balls. :) happy Birthday Wan Ying.

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday, Wan Ying! Gracie and Wan Ying's birthday are only days apart... we will be celebrating on the 11th! So thankful this is the last year the girls will go without their family to help them celebrate!

Lou Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Wan Ying and her whole family for celebrating for her! Soon very soon you'll be able to have a second Second Birthday for her.

Laura García said...

WanYing Happy Birthday!!!
What a great celebration!

Glad you finally got the package.

with love,


Feliz cumpleaños WanYing!!!
Que buena celebración!

Me alegro de que por fin llegara el paquete.

con cariño,



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