Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Terror Beneath the Coffee Table

As I pushed the coffee table aside this weekend to make space for the sewing machine (for furry costume creation) I discovered a trove of treasures lurking beneath.

Here's the full list of the findings:
  • Two stringing beads
  • One bouncy ball
  • Two rawhide bones
  • One barrette
  • A seashell
  • Two pencils
  • One orange crayon, slightly-gnawed (the jury is still out on whether the teeth marks are Sasha's or Chorney's)
  • A subscription card from The Week
  • One linking ring
  • A rubber band from Sam's gun
  • One biodegradable packing peanut
  • A Halloween-themed Sleeping Beauty window cling
  • A roof segment from a Lincoln Logs set
  • One pack of modeling clay
How is it possible for so much junk to amass beneath one coffee table?


Lou Ann said...

Jamie, with 3 children and a puppy you really have to ask that question?) I'm just glad I don't have a coffee table any more since I'm afraid my one little monster would have "collected" a lot more than all 3 of yours.
Lou Ann & Monster Lexie too

Anonymous said...

Oh Jamie, Jamie... I love how this blurb (and picture to go along with it) would only be strange on any other family's blog. But this is just daily happenings in the Morningstar household :)
Have an awesome weekend!
~Coral Stohel


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