Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Big Drive for Rainy

We spent the weekend on the fabulous Oregon coast enjoying the beach with some wonderful friends who live far too far away.

The drive from Utah to Oregon is not a short one, and doing it in an 87 Volkswagen Vanagon fairly ensures an adventure or two along the way. On the way north, Rainy passed a major milestone - she crossed over to 200k!
Our coming-home adventure was less fun.

At about 3 am, we were in Northern Utah and Steve hit the gas to get around a merging truck - and the accelerator cable snapped. And without an accelerator cable, the accelerator doesn't do much.

So my ingenious husband rigged some gaffer's tape and a kite string to what remained of the accelerator cable and drove the remaining hour and a half home using his arm instead of his foot to control the throttle while I shifted. How's that for teamwork? We finally got home at 4:30 am exhausted and grateful, both for a fantastic trip to Oregon and for a safe return home.

As Steve always says, people who drive new cars miss out on all the adventure of never really knowing if you'll arrive in one piece :)


Lou Ann said...

Okay Jamie that is crazy funny.....not that's just crazy but funny. Holy moly!

Lou Ann

MissM said...

Tying your vehicle together at 3 am sounds terrible! I'll stick with my adventureless new car, thank you. Glad you made it home okay.

The Fox Den said...

Funny! I would have cried.

Jennifer M said...

I'm impressed- I've got to say that for Steve. That's the kind of story our parents tell. "Back in my day..." At least the worst that could happen is you slow down and come to a stand still as opposed to speeding up with no way to stop it. And thank goodness for 4am roads with little traffic.

Mak said...

Wow- Steve is like Macgyver!

Calico Sky said...

Well now that sure is inventive!

Hewitts4Him said...

While Steve's inventive skills seem to steal this post, my comment is on the amazing pictures, Sasha is the winner!


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