Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume Creation

Masochism. It's the only explanation. Every year we do this to ourselves, and we never learn.

This year we went with the tried-and-true Star Wars theme. We figure it's the last year we'll be able to talk Sasha out of some sort of Fairy-Princess-Butterfly getup, so we might as well take advantage of her total ignorance about Halloween while it lasts!

So, we plan to have two Ewoks, an AT-ST (an All Terain Scout Transport, for those without adolescent boys), and a Darth Vader. It's going to be glorious.

We managed to find this fabulous and reasonably-priced monkey costume for Sash at Target, which has, subsequent to this photo, been retrofitted to Ewoky perfection. She is thrilled with her "dog" costume (all furry creatures are dogs to Sasha) and has already learned to shriek "Neep-cha!" in true Ewokian fashion.

The cheapest costume I could find for Ben was an insane $40, so, thrifty mom that I am, we headed over to the fabric store where we purchased all of the necessary fur and notions for the low, low price of $37 plus roughly 20 hours of my time. I may want to reconsider the cost-benefit analysis on that one.

And Sam is our AT-ST. He and Steve worked all weekend on the costume, which is... um... coming together slowly but surely (emphasis on the slowly). The first body was already completed when Steve realized that he was too wide to fit through doorways, so a slight redesign was required so that Sam could actually enter our home. Still, I'm sure they'll finish before Friday and it will be an amazing costume, he and Sam always make the most astounding Halloween creations! I'm not sure if they can surpass the actual transforming Transformer of 2008, the jawa of 2006, or the Herbie of 2003 (my personal favorite), but they're up for the challenge!

We did wise up enough to buy Chornaya's costume. She's going to be the most menacing Darth Vader in town! And all of the costumes nestle within with the plotline of Star Wars Episode VI. It's a beautiful thing. Worth the tens of hours of costume creation? The jury's still out on that one, but I think that we secretly enjoy the torture.


Selena said...

Your post made me laugh. I especially love Sasha in her costume - she is priceless.

Jennifer M said...

I love your Halloween posts! I've been looking forward to seeing what you guys do this year. As usual, I'm not disappointed!

marymary said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I'm waiting with immense anticipation for the completed AT-ST. I'm totally laughing (knowingly) at your cost-benefit analysis comment. And can you really sew with Sasha in your lap? Impressive. Note to self: teach Ellen to say "Neep-cha."

Susan said...

you are HILARIOUS. I am cracking up laughing..$40 vs $37 and 20 hours of labor. Somewhat reminds me of myself (but i am not crafy)
I will not go on Hanna Andersson.com and buy the $250 in clothes I want for Leeza..BUT, i go nuts on ebay and spend $300 (granted, I get like 30 outfits for that, but still)

and yes..enjoy dressing Sasha up in whatever you want NOW before she gets her own opinions on what is cool. That's how i justify spending so much time shopping for Leeza for my "bargain boutique couture" for her. LOL

The Fox Den said...


Smith Fam said...

To use the local vernacular: Oh my freakin' heck! I can't believe you actually spent $37 instead of buying the wretched $40 costume. Priceless. And I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the finished AT-ST.

Another Mostar classic post. Way to go. You guys totally crack us up.


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