Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oregon Coast Day 1

It was cloudy, it was cold, and it was completely beautiful. Note - there would have been photos of the boys in this set, but they decided that they'd rather hang out in the condo playing Wii with their friends than enjoy the drizzles on the beach with us.

I love the big Daddy footprints and the little Sasha footprints side-by-side in this picture

This girl loves a good run on the beach, even if it's a damp one!

I love this photo that Steve snapped with the misty bluffs behind me and Sasha

Mama and Sasha share a joke

The girl's gorgeous even when she's making faces!


Julie said...

What a beautiful girl and family! I've been reading your blog - we just received our region of Karaganda and our LOI. I'm looking for good experiences and information about Karaganda! I also just left a message on the blog of the family from Cincinnati, which is where we live! Crazy! Please write back or comment on my blog because I have some questions for you!

annabanana said...

Sasha's hair is getting so long - she is too cute!

Selena said...

Beautiful! What a great smile!

MissM said...

I like the matching hair clips! :)


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