Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dylan at the Saltair

Reflections on seeing Bob Dylan at the Saltair:
  1. No, Bob Dylan is not dead (we get this question whenever we see a Dylan concert
  2. Yes, Bob Dylan is really, really old and possibly has been mummified. Every time we see him we expect it to be his last concert
  3. Yep, Dylan still totally rocks
  4. I fail to understand why it invariably rains when we see Bob. At least the concert was indoors this time.
  5. The Saltair is very, very far away
  6. It is unbelievably difficult to enter the Saltair from I-80 (the only way to get there) and the 45 minutes spent waiting on the off-ramp drove the guy behind us barking mad. Literally. As in, craning his neck out of his neck and barking. Like a dog. And then he could take it no longer and drove in the grass on the side of the shoulder up the ramp. We saw him later and he looked much more sedated. We kept our distance
  7. We are too old to go to a concert the same day as returning home from Oregon at 4:30 am (more on this later)
  8. We were not the youngest people there - there were plenty of twenty-somethings, as well as lots of oldsters
  9. The concert was fabulous. The venue was infuriating. The SL Trib review summarized it well - "How does it feel, Saltair, to ruin a concert?"
Well done, Bobbie, I hope I'm still rocking out when I'm 68.

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