Thursday, October 1, 2009

School Pictures

School pictures came home today. I'm so glad that I sprang for the bigger package because I'm sure that everybody's going to jump at the chance to have one of these babies framed in their living room. Seriously - did the photographer not realize that Ben wasn't smiling?!? And why does his head look so giant? How is it possible that a "trained professional" took such a sad, sad picture of our beautiful boy? The world may never know the answer to these mysteries of school photography.

I was still reeling after Ben's pictures when Sam pulled out his shots. Aaaaaah! You've just gotta laugh.

This is even worse than last year's photos when Sam had his shirt on backwards.

At least they have some good practice for their mug shot poses.


Lou Ann said...

Jamie, I've got to say he certainly missed the beauty of your boys. I mean really he couldn't wait for a smile from either one. I hope you can have them retaken! They are still sweet but nothing like the boys I've come to know on your blog!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

MissM said...

I'm suddenly feeling much better about MY school picture! If they can screw up pictures of your photogenic children then there's not much hope for me!

Susan said...

i'm sorry, i can't stop cracking up. :)

BOYS and school pictures...Sean's are always bad..he is always smirking just like your cute boys. This year I said, I am not buying any cuz you always screw them up.
He said, "wow, thanks mom, i love you too". :)

Christel Ann Cook said...

They are still beautiful! :)

Calico Sky said...

LOL those are adorable yet kinda funny re the not smiling etc! When I was growing up you got to see them before ordering!

E said...

They're practicing for passport photos. You can't smile for those anymore.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh. These made me laugh out loud. How funny

Baby Kaz Moore said...

I'm laughing out loud! Your boys are soooo cute. This is just one of those rituals of growing up! These photos will bring TONS of laughter throughout the years although I do agree that it's a bit paintful to have ordered quite so many.

Hey, I'd love to catch up with you offline about toddlers. Would you email me when you have a second?



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