Monday, October 26, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

(dictated by Sam)

Ok, Mom, another one bites the dust? Wouldn't "Lost Tooth" be a better name? I mean, come on.

Ben: I have a great name - "Sam Jones and the Lost Tooth." Do you think that's a great name?

Sam: That's hilarious

So, should we get back to the blog now?

So anyway, let's talk about the tooth now. One thing's for sure, it did not hurt at all. I was just twisting my tooth when all the sudden it popped out. Man, the tooth fairy's awesome, because she always gives me a dollar when I hear other people get ten cents or a nickel. So, yeah, it's awesome.


The Adventures of Annie's Ri said...

Boy, Sam you are lucky! The tooth fairy only gave me a quarter for every tooth that I had lost(including molars)....:) Enjoy the new hole!

-Miss Cori

Hewitts4Him said...

Can you share some of your enthusiasm with Kennah about losing teeth:)

Tracy said...

Wow.. Sam is growing up. The tooth fairy is nice around here too. I bet it is becuase when the kids are so good she wants to be good back.

Smith Fam said...

Thanks for blabbing, Sam, about how much money the tooth fairy leaves you. Now my girls are gonna know the tooth fairy has been a cheapskate with them all these years.


~Pastor Rich


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