Sunday, October 4, 2009


We took a gorgeous hike up South Fork Canyon yesterday and had a truly fantastic time enjoying family time together, a little exercise, and the incredible beauty of God's creation.

More pictures to follow, but since we're on a roll with terrible pictures of the Morningstar children, I thought I'd entertain you with the face I got when I asked Sasha to say, "cheese!"

No, she's not in pain, she's not upset, she's just giving the camera her loveliest cheesy smile.

Fortunately, I did snap a nicer photo of Sasha in her brand new pumpkin beret. First time mommies of girls after they have two boys are allowed to buy ridiculous hats like this, it's in the Bill of Rights somewhere... or maybe the Bible. The hat is really adorable in person, but in this photo I think Sasha bears an eerie resemblance to Gallagher. Sigh. My life is very complicated.


The Fox Den said...

The first pic looks nothing like Sasha. That poor child is a stand in. You have such a cute family!!

Selena said...

Sasha's "cheese" would make a lovely lion impression.

Cathy Lyon said...

It is definitely in the "mommy of girls bill of rights" to buy the most adorable hats ever! We had MANY!!

Lou Ann said...

I've seen the bill of rights myself and it's written in pink glitter glue! I love the hat and am now looking for one for Lexie too!

Jstar said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are so hilarious! Best comments ever

Susan said...

love the pumpkin hat....sooo cute. :)


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