Monday, October 12, 2009

Technology, Still Improving Lives

I know that some of you scoffed when we got the boys a cell phone to share, so I wanted you to share two benefits to cell phone living that we are already enjoying:
1) Increased time in the great outdoors, as exhibited by this priceless scene I captured from our bedroom window this afternoon, and
2) Invaluable father-son interactions, as demonstrated in this texting conversation that Sam and Steve shared while sitting right next to each other watching the credits for Toy Story 3D:
Steve: Do you like the movie?
Sam: Ya, and you have a big but.
Steve: What! Lets see what happens when my big butt sits on you!
Sam: And your small brain
Steve: Yeah, small enough to make me a genius!
Sam: Ya, but compard to you I'm Instien
I can't imagine how we survived before the family text plan.


Selena said...

There's your ROI!

That text exchange is definitely one for the books.

MissM said...

Has Sam been playing Monkey Island recently? With repartee like that, it sounds like he might be ready to face the Sword Master! :)

Jstar said...

Sarah, that comment totally rocks - in an unbelievably geeky way


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