Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steve Earns his Wings

Steve finally got a chance to enjoy his anniversary gift last week with his first of three paragliding lessons!

He had a great time, and afterward bemoaned the fact that now he'll have to choose between purchasing a paragliding rig, a kite skiing rig, and a car that's not 25 years old and can fit his whole family.  I love the fact that this is actually a complicated decision in my family!
Steve starts with a little hippity-hop flight down the hill (he's the orange and gray and red one on the left)

But mere lack of experience and fear of gravity's application couldn't keep a good man down!  Next flight, he was up, up, and away!

Almost down safe and sound...


Sasha gives her papa a big "welcome back to earth" smooch
Way to earn your wings, baby.

To be continued...

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