Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ending Outdoor Concert Season in High Style

Summer must be coming to an end, because last night marked our last Red Butte Garden concert of the year. Good thing that we have winter coming in a few short months, or I might be tempted to mourn the fact that outdoor concert season ever ends!

This season's finale was the fabulous Alison Krauss, complete with Jerry Douglas.  A-maz-ing.  It's such a joy watching fantastically gifted musicians making it all look so easy.

Of course, being like 20 feet from the stage doesn't hurt the experience, either. Steve and Zach ditched church Sunday to wait in line all day (read: eat sticky buns and drink mojitos while basking in the Utah sun... which sounds fun for the first few hours but probably got old by noon) and we were handsomely rewarded for their 10 hours of line-sitting with almost front-row spots for the concert.  Well done, gentlemen!

So, concert season, we bid you adieu (apparently I bid concert season adieu by looking really dorky in front of a stage filled with bluegrass icons). Please tell the snow gods that it's time to get warmed up (cooled down?) because November is a-comin!

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Mary said...

LOVE Alison Kraus! Very jealous. The seasons are definitely turning!!


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