Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ready to Unfriend the IRS

Sigh.  I remember the good old days.  Let's call them, say, 2010.  You sent your tax forms to the IRS.  You enclosed a check or if you had overpaid, then within a couple of weeks you had a direct deposit or check from the IRS with your refund amount.  Those were good times.

Fast forward to 2011.  You sent your tax forms to the IRS.  You got a letter two months later requesting receipts for the adoption tax credit (the tragic part of this particular story is that this is just the carryover for Sasha's adoption, the majority of which they paid out last year, but I digress).  You sent in your receipts.  You got a letter 30 days later saying that they received your receipts and may look at them in the next 30 days.  Two months later, you got another letter saying the same thing.  And, lo and behold, it's now September and you are just hoping to receive your 2010 refund sometime in 2011.  And it's not just us - a whole lot of adoptive families are in exactly the same boat.  Awesome.

I know that I should have more grace and gratitude.  After all, a refundable adoption tax credit is pretty freaking awesome (provided that the refundable credit is ever, you know, refunded).  And thank heavens we weren't depending on that credit's timely payout - this is inconvenient for us, but fortunately not financially crippling.  And according to the IRS, 58% of the adoption tax credit claims that they received this year included no documentation, so many of those claims were probably fraudulent, which is pretty tragic and gross.

But mostly, I just want the money that Congress said we could have.

This is not the face of a happy taxpayer.


Brian said...

It is a sad statement Jamie...working in the mortgage industry and last year for five see all the 'rules' they have to create because people choose to find holes in the system and abuse them. While people like yourselves, who use the system to its fullest advantage suffer becasue of jerks who only think of the mighty dollar and how it will help them. Sad statement.

Just know that all of you are a beautiful testament to how Christ loved us all and you reaffirm my conflicting faith with every post you write.

Good luck guys. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard that once the IRS started requiring that people provide social security numbers for the children they were claiming on their taxes, something like 30% of "children" in America simply disappeared. People were fraudulently claiming they had kids just to get more money! I'm sorry you guys are paying (literally!) for the dishonest behavior of others!

The Martins said...

I know a lot of families have had these issues. Not us. We received the rest of what we had not used from Annika's adoption plus an entire adoption credit not owed to us. Sent that part back with a letter explaining why we sent it. A few months later received the 13+thousand back WITH INTEREST added. Sent it back again. We'll see what happens now:)


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