Monday, September 19, 2011

New Carpet!

Carpet guy (while measuring our family room):  Man, when you replace this carpet, this is going to be a whole new room.
Jamie:  What are you trying to say?
Carpet guy (pauses pensively, then goes back to his work): Man, when you replace this carpet, this is going to be a whole new room.

Ok, so I guess we should have replaced the carpet a long time ago.  It wasn't exactly new when we moved in and 10 years, 4 kids, and a dog haven't improved it.  But it seemed like every time we had the money, we were adopting, and unwilling to tear our house apart with a new little one home... and, besides, there's nothing like disgusted desperation to make you grateful for the effects of a major(ish) home improvement project!

Our budget was tight, but fortunately(?) times are even tighter for the local carpet guy and we were able to carpet our living and family rooms, all paid in cash out of the sinking fund (thank you Dave Ramsey).

Steve was a total champ and ripped out all of the old carpet (ick!), painted all 800 square feet of ceiling in the living/dining/kitchen (because if you're going to replace carpet, that's the time to paint your ceilings - who cares about drips?), and supervised carpet installation.  Seriously, my husband is amazing.

And, yes, Mr. Carpet Man was right - it's like a whole new room.  

Living room before (well, mid-ceiling painting)
Living room during (btw, exposed carpet tacks + children = trouble)
Our whole new living room!
Mr. Incredible takes a well-deserved break

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