Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to School Portraits

Hairs are cut on 3/4 of the children, polo shirts and dresses are on, and Mommy has that crazy smile-or-violence-may-ensue look in her eye - it must be back to school picture time!

After the school picture fiasco of 2009 I started taking the kids to a professional photographer with proofs I could see rather than taking my chances with what came home from school and I am completely enamored with this year's results.  The only downside to this method is that I don't get to see the always-hilarious "official" school pictures, but that laugh isn't worth the $20 per kid it costs.

I'm so glad the photographer was able to capture my kids' sparkle.  Sigh, they are such beautiful babies.

Sasha is the 4th generation in the Jamieson line to wear this dress.  It was originally my great aunt's dress and is just about 100 years old.


Alison said...

Those are great! I've always thought professional portraits are a luxury we can't afford...but you made a light bulb go off for me. The 3 kids' school packages DO add up!! Thanks Jamie and congrats on the beautiful kids & pix.

Laura GarcĂ­a said...

So cute!!!
Happy firsts days!

Anna said...

What a beautiful family! I am with you on the professional photos.


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