Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

by Ben
Another usual day... I was sitting in a chair, wiggling my tooth, twisting it, when all of the sudden it flips up! I keep messing with it and an hour or so later I loose my tooth.

I put it under my pillow.  The Tooth Fairy was generous and let me keep my tooth and the money.  I'll put it under my pillow tonight, too, just in case she's generous enough to give me another dollar.

Dad said that the Tooth Fairy is very lazy, so he said I could have $10 now or $15 over time.  I chose $15 over time.  Dad wasn't so happy about that but he said, "alright" and I said that I have learned that the Tooth Fairy does pay interest if she forgets so it's a much better deal because I could get infinite dollars.

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