Friday, September 9, 2011

A New Bike for Sam

by Sam
My new bike has twenty one speeds.  Since my seven-shifter was broken, my dad replaced it with his old rapid fire.  It's really fast (the bike).  It's so fast because there are so many gears.  I even beat Ben in a race, and he's fast on his bike.  And, on the easiest gear it's as easy as peddling backwards, but it doesn't go that fast.

We got the bike at Sundance.  They said Labor Day we could get it.  It turns out it was the day after Labor Day.  It was depressing at first, but I knew I'd just have to wait till tomorrow.  It was well worth the wait.

We've decided to go on a bike ride to the Golden Spoon.  If you're wondering what the Golden Spoon is, their motto is, "the ice cream lover's yogurt."  It's basically soft serve ice cream, but it's yogurt.

Enough time for pictures, now let's get to the Golden Spoon!  We've done a v-formation picture with my mom, Sasha, and YingYing in the middle, me on the left, and Ben on the right. It's a lot easier to ride the mile to Golden Spoon now.

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