Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Sasha Learned in Sunday School

As I was having some quiet time the other morning, reading my Bible and journaling, Sasha sauntered over and asked:
"Whachoo doin' Mommy?"
Me: "Just praying and writing to God"
Sasha: "Oh! You say, 'Let my people go!'"
She said it with such conviction and adamant finger waggling that I'm pretty sure even Pharaoh would have relented!

Way to go, church nursery staff, she's definitely learning something in your classes (even if she does gravitate to the lessons where she gets to be bossy)!


tricia said...

and she is sooooo cute when she does that Pharaoh imitation!! I can just picture it!!

Tracy said...

LOL.. funny the things that they actually pick up on!


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