Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Book for Mei Mei

A large part of my pre-adoptive experience is finding ways to channel the crazy. This week's unnecessary project to manufacture the feeling that I'm moving the process along was a photo book to send to Mei Mei, a la the Morningstar ABC's book we created for Sasha.

Admittedly, this is putting the cart before the horse since we won't even know who Mei Mei is for a month, but the odds are that we'll be able to send her a little care package or two before traveling and it does this mommy's heart good to know that I'll have a picture book with Mandarin translation all ready as soon as I know her address!

My coworker, Brandon, served a Mandarin-speaking LDS mission and he gave me the characters for oldest brother, second-oldest brother, family, together, etc. I love it that our book will be readable by Mei Mei's caregivers. Thanks, Brandon!

Click on the picture of the book to view the whole thing or click here:


Hewitts4Him said...

Oh my goodness that is so great! I love the book, the idea, and the whole Morningstar clan!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, your family is adorable! But what about Chorney? Doesn't she get a mention?

Jstar said...

Good catch - dogs aren't indoor pets in most cultures, so we didn't include pics of Chorney for fear that it would seem improper. But she does get a mention on Sasha's page!

Smith Fam said...

LOVE the book! Wonderful idea!


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