Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bike Tricks

by Ben

This is about how what I do on my bike.

First of all, I get up to speed and I go really really fast and then I stand up and the reason I have to go really fast is so I can glide. I stand on the bar that helps the bike stay up, like not fall apart. And it's pretty fun. And dangerous. But fun. Wait, I already said, "but fun."

My second trick is where I make really tight turns. And my dad says that I could probably do that at skiing. And this is fun because it looks like you're gonna fall on the ground, but you don't.

But when Ben does something, Sasha is never left out of something. Sasha riding a bike - a scale between -10 and 10? Hmm... Negative ten. But I'm pretty sure she'll learn pretty soon.

That's it folks!


MissM said...

Great riding Ben! Those tricks look quite terrifying. Where is your helmet?? :)

Jstar said...

Busted! I asked Ben about this and he said it's because he's a daredevil. We did explain that even daredevils wear helmets in case the trick doesn't end up quite right and they want to try it again another day :)


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