Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soccer Season Ends

Ah, five-week sport seasons, how I love you. You start, you're fun, and then you're over before I tire of you completely. Perfect. I hope that every hobby my children choose is constrained to five-week increments. I'm sure I never stuck with a sport for longer than five weeks at their age (or my current age, for that matter).

Ben "the soccer boy" Morningstar, Assistant Coach Steve, and the rest of the Orange Fire Tigers had a good game tonight, ending the season with juice boxes and fruit snacks (everybody knows that the success of the game is judged solely on the appeal of the post-game snacks, not on the actual score or quality of play). Most importantly, the soccer photos were delivered this week and ended up super-cute. It's almost worth signing the kids up for more sports just to get the little sports-card pictures. I totally dig 'em.

Here are Ben's reflections on the season:
The best thing about soccer is just having fun. I'm glad I signed up for it.

The worst thing is that we only won one game. I know that because I keep score, but they don't.
And there you have it. I know that I will await the spring season in rapt suspense - what color will the uniforms be next year?!? Stay tuned till April for the reveal.


sandyamstar said...

Love the soccer card!!! Ben's rookie card...worth tons of money in 20 years, right? But where is Coach Steve's card?

Laura said...

My goodness, the background scenery for your games is amazing.


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