Monday, September 20, 2010


Wahoo! That's right - that's one completed dossier strewn madly around us! Admittedly, our China dossier looks a little less... um... intense than our Kaz dossier, but that's only because you're not looking closely enough. Let's zoom in a little...

Each document is verified not twice like with Kaz (notarization and appostiling). No, no, no - each document in pursuit of Mei Mei is verified four times - notarization, verification by the state of issuance (for us, mostly Utah, except for our birth and marriage certificates from Maryland), verification by the U.S. Department of State, and verification by the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. Wowsers - we have never been so official!

So, what's next?
  1. Once our agency, WACAP, receives our precious FedEx package (currently scheduled for Thursday, you know I'll be watching that tracking number like a hawk), they send it to CCAA (Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs
  2. CCAA gives us the all-important Logged In Date (LID)
  3. As long as our LID is before the date of the next shared list publication, roughly one month from now, we should have the opportunity to look over a file in October
  4. If we feel like the little one's file we receive is our daughter, we officially start pursuing Mei Mei
  5. Travel four to six months after, probably sometime between February and April
The Adoption Timeline has been updated - hooray for being one giant step closer to our little one!


Hewitts4Him said...


Jennifer said...

Wow, congrats! Yay!

So if I understand this right, the dossier paper chase may very well take longer than the whole rest of it combined?!


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