Monday, September 27, 2010


I came home Thursday after a crazy (great, but exhausting) week at work to find that somebody replaced our bedroom with Room 718 of a charming bed and breakfast! We're talking stocked mini fridge, glasses sealed for your protection, bathroom stocked with travel sized cosmetics (I still haven't found my normal shampoo), toilet paper ends folded under, stocked with extra towels (I hate calling the front desk for more towels), champagne on ice - perfect! Talk about a man who knows how to make his wife feel special. Guys, if you're looking for a creative way to surprise your wife, I totally suggest transforming your room into a hotel - I still haven't finished all of the Toblerone from the mini bar!

In fact, we had such a nice staycation that we decided to extend our reservation for another night. The front desk was very accommodating and made space for us.

So on Friday night we headed up to Sundance for dinner and a full-moon lift ride. We thought this was a perfect idea until we realized that hundreds of our neighbors also decided to enjoy the last Sundance full-moon lift ride of the season. Holy cow! When we got off of the lift at 11:30 the line was still probably an hour long. And the Grill was correspondingly hopping - glad we had reservations!

Despite the crowds and the chill, we had an awesome date up at Sundance. We even ran into the Huebners (who saved us an hour or two in line, heh heh heh) and had an awesome time catching up with them. It was a great staycation - we should do it again next weekend!

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Gisele Chastain said...

What a romantic!!! That is the sweetest thing ever!! :) glad to see the flame can stay lit with kids and work and... Everything! :)


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