Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Portraits

It all started with school pictures 4 years ago.

I'm sure that there are testimonials out there about wonderful, fantastic school pictures that capture all of the zest and personality of their beautiful subjects.  I'm sure that there are parents who open the school photo envelopes with tears welling up and whisper, "this... this is how I want to remember my precious babies."  I'm sure there are families who proudly send school pictures out to their families near and far to show how handsome and big their children have grown.

But for me, the year I spent forty freaking dollars for these admittedly hilarious but truly terrible photos I swore - no more!  Nope, no more overpriced school pictures of my children with their shirts on backwards (this has happened twice).  If I'm paying for pictures, they're going to be worth paying for and worth sharing.  Or at least not comically awful.

And with that introduction, I proudly present our 2013 portraits!  Beautiful children (mine!), beautiful setting (Sundance!), beautiful day, and very few photos of grimacing children.  It's a win all around!

Beats school pictures any day.


Marcia / Grammy said...

This was a LOL posting - and yes, they are beautiful children AND grandchildren!

nicole said...

so glad you are back! you have been missed. I followed you to china and back a few years back...
welcome back

Kristen and Jim Powell said...

LOVE! You guys are beautiful!


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