Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tragedy-averted Tuesday

You know how some people on Facebook do cute little weekly posts, like "Flashback Friday" or "Way-back Wednesday"?  Interesting, but definitely not a pattern I could follow for any period of time.

I have, however, invented a cutesie weekly post I think I could sustain indefinitely:

Tragedy-averted Tuesday

"Wha?  What's the problem?  Why you freaking out, Mom?"
Note: if Ben says he wants to heat up some soup, be very, very clear about the need to open the can of soup and empty the can into a non-metallic container.

Thanks to Mom's quick shrieking, no microwaves were harmed during this Tragedy-averted Tuesday.

1 comment:

MissM said...

Oh dear, it's a good thing you were there! I bet he still wanted to do it just to see what would happen. :)


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