Saturday, December 21, 2013

WanYing Establishes a Unique Style

WanYing has really come into her own in the style department lately.  I believe she is trying to balance several important design principles:
  1. She is always cold, so layers are a must
  2. When it comes to colors, the more the merrier
  3. And if you add ruffles, gathers, or ribbons to the ensemble, all the better!
 Here are a few choice selections from the last week or so, for your viewing pleasure.  You may want to put on sunglasses, her outfits tend towards bright side!

Now this outfit may seem random, but there's always method to WanYing's choices.  In this case, she was frustrated that her fuzzy pants didn't have pockets.  So what's a girl to do?  Pull on a pair of shorts that come complete with pockets, of course!
For reasons I still don't understand, the girls feel that my laundry sorting is clearly inadequate and they need to re-sort it all.  This means that Sasha's sleeves are often 2 inches too short and WanYing is swimming in sizes 6 and 7.  Oh well!

And just in case you were confused about where WanYing may have learned her attention-grabbing style, well, wonder no longer!

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