Monday, December 30, 2013

Ode to a Man Who Researches Fountain Pens

True confessions: In the world of love languages, Steve got the jackpot (duh!). My primary love language is gifts, which means that I generally find special significance and have huge appreciation for presents and special little somethings chosen especially for me. I prefer buying from stores that wrap up purchases like little gifts. And I love getting packages in the mail. Even if I ordered them myself!

In some ways, gifts is an easy love language (of course, it's mine, so I guess it's obvious I'd feel that way). Steve buys me a pack of pistachios at the store for a special treat and he gets big points. He gets pistachios and finds a new kind of 2% Chobani Yogurt?  Cloud 9.  But it does make birthdays and holidays a little stressful for the gift-giver knowing that I have a lot of emotion invested in whatever is nestled in that soft pillow of tissue paper.

But this Christmas, my husband was more than up for the challenge.  He blew me away with several thoughtful selections:  new bike handlebar lights, my favorite coconut drink mix, and a black Sundance hoodie so we can be twinners (adorballs!).

But the piece de resistance? Two new fountain pens!

Yes, I still write.  With a pen.  A fountain pen.  On paper.  A lot.  And I tell you what, they knew how to make a killer fountain pen in the 1940s! For Christmas Steve found two Parker 51 Demis - the smaller ladies' version of the iconic pen, produced from 1947 to 1949.  These pens are definitely in Jamie's hall of fame of gifts received. I'm blown away that Steve discovered, found, and purchased two of these legendary pens! Such is the love of my husband.

So if the next letter you get from me is especially lovely, be sure to thank my husband for making it all possible.

And if you're looking for a great gift, I'm in the market for some cute colors of fountain pen ink.

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