Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sasha at Bearclaw

by Sasha

I've been practicing my turns and my stops and my french fry stops.  I've been practicing going down the hill with my arms out so I would not fall. I've been practicing so that I could get nachos.  There was a special guy who said if I get all the way up to Bearclaw I could get a special bowl of nachos with extra cheese.

I got to go all the way to Bearclaw because Daddy knew I was ready.

Skiing at Bearclaw all the way down was so fun.  It was not hard. I fell a couple times but it wasn't a big deal.

The nachos tasted great and I really liked them.

I really like skiing and it's so much fun.

Me and Daddy skiing on the steep hill

A big mountain and me

Me with a big bowl of nachos

This is my medal from the team race.  I really like it and I'm so glad that I got my first medal.   I was a very very fast skier and I want to do more races. 

Editor's note: apparently few girls show up for the Sundance Night Races.  In fact, this week there were exactly 2 other girls in the Under 12 division :)

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Buddy said...

Congratulations, Sasha. And yes, you are a very good skier!


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