Friday, December 13, 2013

The Best Dancers Ever

by Sasha

I really like practicing ballet and I really liked the concert or whatever it is.  I danced in the whole Nutcracker song.  The best part of ballet is the balancé.  In a balancé you put your hands out and point your toes.  I like it because it's the best dance ever.

I got flowers from my family because I did it so great that I was special.

I think that rec center ballet is exactly our style
Of course, every ballet star gets flowers after a premiere performance
And, of course, every 6-year-old ballet star gets photobombed by her brothers
And just in case the still photos weren't enough (and I definitely understand if they only whetted your appetite for more!), the performance in its glorious entirety:

Ballet, flowers, and dinner at Denny's afterwards to celebrate.  It truly was a magical evening.

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