Saturday, December 7, 2013

All I want for Christmas

by Sasha

I'm doing so awesome that I'm going to learn how to read very good!  I like to write because I do it very good and I practice my words.  If I don't know how to spell something, I sound it out.

I like to write letters.  I like to write Christmas lists.  I write very good lists.  My Christmas list is very good because I write my words very good.  I writed a list for WanYing, too.  I think I'm going to get everything on my list. 

We know that Sasha's awesomely creative spelling can be a little challenging for the uninitiated, so here's a quick transcription and translation of the girls' 2013 Christmas lists for all of you wondering what to get the 4 and 6-year-olds in your life.  Number 5 is clearly the best, with number 6 a close second.

  1. trin = train 
  2. thred des = 3DS 
  3. miy litol pony set = My Little Pony set 
  4. litol pet shop = Littlest Petshop 
  5. mirkin grls dol = American Girl doll 
  6. mine maws = Minnie Mouse 
  7. oxpol pozzol = octopus puzzle 
  8. difn = different octopus puzzle 
  9. bay bay dol = baby doll 
  1. trin set = train set 
  2. my litol pony set = My Little Pony set 
  3. thre de des = Nintendo 3DS 
  4. borbe dol = Barbie doll 
  5. litol petshop = Littlest Petshop 
  6. mirkin grl dol = American Girl doll 
  7. bay dol = baby doll 
  8. tikr belley set = Tinkerbell set 
  9. kors set = car set 
  10. mirkin grl dols skr = American Girl doll stickers 
  11. stoff enmols = stuffed animals 
  12. bobol gom = bubble gum 
  13. kotl pesoll = colored pencils

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