Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peaches are In!

Hooray! It's peach season again! Our little Asian peach tree in the back yard is loaded down with deliciousness and we've managed to save at least a few from the hungry birds that seem determined to take one peck out of every peach on the tree. Between the peaches and the tomatoes, I think the girls have managed to forage for most of their meals this week.
Sasha proudly displays her latest conquest.  When the branches are loaded down, the girls can reach the fruit themselves, so it's a fruit smorgasbord

Our peaches are Asian white peaches - they're smaller and sort of donut shaped with white flesh and they are so, so good!

Sigh.  Never a dull moment.
Chorney waits patiently beneath the tree for the girls to make a wrong move and drop a peach for her consumption.  No, I don't know why she doesn't just eat them straight off of the branches, but I'm grateful that she waits for them to hit the ground before snarfing them up!

Watch out, WanYing, Chorney's just waiting for you to lose your grip on that peach so she can gobble it up!


China Dreams said...

The girls sure seem to be enjoying them!


Laura García said...

A pesar de que no siempre escriba, os visito muy amenudo. Y me alegro mucho de ver como crecen los chicos.
Enhorabuena por la dedicación de WanYing!!!

Con cariño,
Although not always write, I visited very often. And I'm glad to see the kids as they grow.
Congratulations on your dedication WanYing!

With love,


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