Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marylanders by Spirit, if Not by Birth

Hello again! Apologies to all of you rabid Morningstar Happenings fans (all three of you) for the week's blogging absence, we were in Maryland introducing WanYing to her whole family, playing 1001 games of Dominion (our new strategy game obsession), and eating a whole lot of corn and crabs.

We have roughly ten jillion photos to comb through, but for now we'll simply answer the most important question of the week:
Did WanYing and Sasha enjoy the ceremonial disemboweling and consumption of blue crabs and thus do their Maryland roots proud?
And the answer is:  We couldn't pick those crabs fast enough to keep up with our girls!

Granted, in the beginning we had to call it "sea chicken" for Sasha to consider eating any crabby deliciousness, but by the end of the evening both girls were merrily picking their own claws and wolfing down as much backfin as we would supply.

Sasha's crab impression #1

Sasha's crab impression #2

Sasha moves on to "picking" (pulverizing) her own claw meat

Rapturous joy - the meat is uncovered!

WanYing preferred pulling off the legs to eat the backfin that came off.  Smart girl!

Steve and I were a little worried that the blue crabs wouldn't be as tasty as we remembered.  Fear not!  The crab feast was a total success

And a good time was had by all... well, except for the crabs...


HAH said...

I will admit I noticed a lack of posts and was surprised. I assumed you were on vacation, but hey, you managed to post regularly while in China...

China Dreams said...

it's always exciting when tradition lives up to memory and when the kids enjoy something you always did, too. Looks like a great, messy time.


Mary said...

Looks like so much fun!! Makes me hungry, too!

The Robeys said...

Wish I had known you were in town, we could have gotten together. Lukas likes to pulverize the crab legs as well.


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