Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Elegant Princesses

One of the highlights of our time in Maryland was hanging with the cousins we see far too infrequently. Cousin Abby and her entourage were kind enough to invite Sasha and WanYing over to an ever-so-elegant tea party during our trip and boy oh boy do we have the photos, puffy sleeves, and Oreo-stained mouths to prove that a good time was had by all.

Gramma pours out for Snow White, puffy-sleeved-fabulous-princess, Minnie Mouse, and Xave (interloper!)

Snow White was a little nervous.  She's used to dwarves (brothers) and plastic teaware, you know, all of this china is a little intimidating!

WanYing breaks the ice with an Oreo

WanYing channels her roots.  Gosh this photo cracks me up.  All I can see are the smoke-filled Mah Jong parlors in the Nanchang parks when I see this picture!

Oh, that's better - my beautiful princess returns.  She'd look good in a Princess Di wedding dress.  I'll file that thought away to bring back 20 years from now.


China Dreams said...

Oreos and cigarettes-reminds me of my father!


Laura García said...

So cute!!!

Mary said...

LOVE the smoking picture!! so adorable! Can't wait for some princess tea parties in my house, too!

Manuela said...

Preciosas imágenes!!!
MUY Bellas Princesas!!

Lou Ann said...

Adorable! The puffy sleeves just make the dress. Love seeing their happy faces.

BabyKazfan said...

i need to go to bed but i am cracking up reading your blog instead. I just love you. :)


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