Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Albion Basin Camping

This weekend we spent a very pleasant few days in one of my very favorite places - Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Although camping at 9,500 feet does make for some challenging hiking (especially while carrying little ones!) nothing beats camping under the Alta ski lifts in the cool mountain air surrounded by the most spectacular wildflowers in the whole wide world.

Here are a few choice pics from our weekend away:
Rainy, looking majestic amidst the mountains and wildflowers

WanYing gives the squirrels a harsh talking to.  She was very firm in her instructions for them to leave the campground as long as she was standing safe on the table, otherwise she was running and wimpering to me for rescue.

Playing in the snow in August was fun for everybody

Sasha's love for s'mores is rekindled

The gang hiking up to Catherine's Pass

Sasha was a super hiker!

Sam, overlooking Hidden Lake and Brighton ski resort

Utah, we love thee

The best view in the house!

Another hike - this time to Cecret Lake.  WanYing was very insistent on hiking on her own.

Sash on the banks of Cecret Lake

The wildflowers were so spectacular - I don't think we've ever seen them so vibrant

But, of course, these are my favorite flowers of all :)


Mary said...

Seriously, you all are my husband's and my heroes! Thank you so much for sharing all of those pictures -- I loved every single one, and they brought me back there for a few moments. We can't wait for our next vacation to your neck of the woods!

China Dreams said...

I loooove the wildflowers. Reminds me of The Wilderness Family.



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