Friday, August 12, 2011

The Main Blog for Maine

By Sam and Ben

Sam: In this blog you will see several photos of every sort from me and Ben's trip to Maine.  We went with Grammy and Buddy.

In Maine we had a sailing trip, which ended unsuccessfully.  There wasn't enough wind so we decided to have some canoeing.

What exactly are you doing in this picture?  Ben:  I am standing on a boat, on a kayak actually.

Is that safe?  It is not very safe, but I have practice with balance.  Not many people have that much balance.  Grammy says it is very hard to paddle when I'm doing that, and the boat is really rocky.  The only time I fell off was when Sam rocked it. 

Sam: This is a photo of me and Ben hanging out with our new friend Jack.  As you see, there is a heater right between me and Jack.  In this photo we are in the cabin right next to the couch.  The cabin was ok - two bedrooms and a third bunk bed.

Sam: In this photo you see Ben next to the water wheel at King's Landing, currently inoperational.  King's Landing is a moved settlement that used to be in the small valley but was moved up here when a dam was built.  Kings Landing was located in Canada.

What was it like crossing the boarder into Canada?  Sam:  Crossing the boarder took a bit of time because the girl had to put on her bulletproof vest.  She had to put it on because we think most of the people who crossed the border she knew but obviously she didn't know us.

Did you guys look dangerous?  No, we did not look dangerous in any way.  Probably just border regulations.

What is this?  Sam:  This is an automated saw.  Basically, it's just a saw hooked up to a horse.

I have no idea what that means.  Well, what it was like was that the horse was on a belt, like a treadmill, that was hooked up to a small belt leading into a bunch of complicated gears that would move a saw back and forth to cut wood.  It was a fairly effective cutting thing, much faster than a human could cut.

Sam:  In this photo you see me and Grammy playing checkers and also you see Ben in the front-ground.

Who won? Grammy won.

Did she cheat?  No, although I'd be fine with saying she cheated.

Ben:  Beer + Beer = yumminess.  I was not drinking beer.  I was drinking sarsaparilla.  Although Buddy was drinking beer.

Sarsaparilla is a very good type of root beer.

What was the best thing about going on vacation with with Buddy and Grammy? Sam:  Going on the fishing boat

Did you fish? We didn't do any fishing because we didn't have any poles (which I'm glad) and we just drove around the lake.

What was the hardest thing about going on vacation with your grandparents? Sam:  Hiking the trail. It was just a tough hike. It was a very, very good hike. It was good because we climbed on a lot of rocks.

What was the best thing about having the boys go on vacation with with Buddy and Grammy? Daddy:  Not getting nagged about buying souvenirs and candy

The hardest thing? Daddy: [blank stare]

What was the best thing about going on vacation with Buddy and Grammy?  Ben:  The best part of our vacation I must say is jumping off rocks and climbing all around.

The hardest part?  Also climbing on rocks and jumping off the rocks and climbing everywhere I can.

Do you want to go on vacation with your grandparents again?  Yes!


China Dreams said...

Looks like they had a great time in both countries!


Cassy said...

Those photos represents how happy they were.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

Marcia at Harvest said...

The REASON the hike was so hard - Ben and Sam decided to climb on every rock outcropping they could find! I stayed mainly on the path - except when I took pictures of the boys climbing.
Going to Kings Landing helped the boys appreciate their home. Back in the 1800's children had to empty chamber pots, stack wook and card wool. Ben waid he likes his summer VACATION. Buddy and Grammy had a great time and would love to go on another vacation with Ben and Sam.


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