Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Little Monkeys

While we were visiting our parents and extended family in Maryland, the three oldest kids had a chance to try out the high ropes course at Ski Liberty and had a great time "hanging out" (get it?  heh heh) with their grandparents.

The boys had a great time and, unsurprisingly, scaled the course repeatedly and with great gusto.  The wildcard was, also unsurprisingly, Sasha (always expect the unexpected with that one!).  Sasha turned out to be the youngest person ever to ascend the Ski Liberty ropes course and did it not once, but four times
I'm guessing that she's also the only person to ever do the ropes course while wearing squeaky shoes.

Never dull. Our family is never dull.

Sam enjoys the zip-line ride down

Gramma shows us all how it's done - not bad for a woman who's spent the last five years on chemo!

Grammy demonstrates "falling with style" (and grace!)

Sasha goes up again, squeaky shoes and all

And down again.  The girl was unstoppable!

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